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About me

My life's journey that has lead me here...

My professional career started when I moved from Baltimore to Oklahoma (who knew!) to study at Oklahoma City University where I received a degree in Speech and Theatre.


Shortly after graduating, I achieved my childhood goal of moving to Los Angeles, and found a home at the Colony Theatre Company where I performed in the world premiere Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury, amongst many other wonderful plays, as well as in It’s Hard To Be A Jew at the Pantages Theatre, which had a 6 month run.


After a great run on the LA stage, I found myself venturing back closer to my hometown on the East Coast where I made a home in New York and started a career as a Project Manager/Computer Programer… who would have seen that shift coming! 


Then, I got hit by a cab crossing the street in NYC and fell on my head .... Shortly thereafter I moved back to Los Angeles! 


Life came full circle and I found myself working on the prestigious Warner Bros lot in LA where I worked as a Project Manager, won the the Andrew Heiskell Award for Human Rights given by Time Warner, and received The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors certificate for my work in aiding in creating a human rights council in Lancaster, CA.

Then, after deciding to get married and have a kid, I took a hiatus of 16 years! 


My new family brought me back to DC where, on my way to a divorce, I started back in the theatre where I performed in plays across DC/Baltimore (my hometown) and performed in 7 plays in 1 year while working as a project manager. It was here in DC where I began my career on-camera in Television and Film, and yet again, started to get a foothold back in the New York market, where I commuted back and forth to New York and DC on a weekly basis before retiring from being a Project Manager.


My journey back to New York has led me to studying Alexander Technique, embodying the character and movement with Jean Louis Rodrigue and Kristof Konrad, on-camera scene study with Anthony Robert Grasso, and scene study with Larry Moss and Deena Levy. I have attended workshops in London and Florence Italy, taught by Anthony Robert Grasso and Janice Orlandi. 


I now reside in the New York area where I work as an Actor, Executive Producer, Creator and Co-Writer of the recent short film Aaron with 2 A’s and am owner of my production company, Baby Boo Boo Productions LLC. Who knows where the next part of my life will take me! We will see what the future holds.




"Steve is a force. He is always prepared for class and usually the first one willing to work first. He’s hard working and reliable and always consistent. I would recommend him on any project in a heartbeat. As a matter of fact I did recommend him for a role I was starting in a pilot and he auditioned and booked the part. He’s a Talent on the rise."

About Me

Recent News

Here's what I've been up to lately...

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Steve won BEST ACTOR - Short Film. The film has won BEST SHORT FILM, BEST DIRECTOR and Cinema Writing awards. Meet Aaron . He's starting his 2nd career at age an actor. What could go wrong? click to see the trailer.

So thrilled and proud to announce that this short comedy-drama directed by Michael Goldburg is the official selection at it's 38 film festivals in its first year! The film has been nominated for 17 awards . The festivals include Oxford Film Festival a Movie Maker Magazine top 50 festival, Beaufort International Film Festival and Charlotte Film Festival!

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"So thrilled and proud to appear as the Jury Foreman in this  episode called FALSE POSITIVE. A HUGE  shout out to all of the amazing cast and crew  who make this show as great as it is. I am so grateful to all of them for being so welcoming and warm. What a great set!"

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"I am super, uber excited about my own short film project. The title is Aaron With 2 A’s. I am the Executive Producer/Creator/Co-Writer/ Lead of the film..."

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Steve Lichtenstein is very honored to have played the very powerful and confident Walter in Rob Margolis feature film In-Fidelity. The film is currently in Post Production.  Steve was proud to have acted with some well known  and brilliant actors Cara Bueno (Stranger Things), Chris Parnell ( Saturday Night Live) and Willow Shields ( Hunger Games). 


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