"I refer to him as one take Steve. A natural actor"
- Kevin Kangas, Director/Producer Kangas Khan Films


"I've worked with Steve Lichtenstein both in theatre and in film. I found him to be the consummate professional. He brings talent, intelligence, concentration and discipline to every part he plays. On stage his attention to character detail makes him fascinating to watch. His thorough understanding of both mediums makes a director's job easy. I always want to have Steve be a part of my cast."
- Steve Yeager, Sundance Award winning Director



“Steve is a consummate professional and a talented improviser, adept at comedic and dramatic roles. It's been a pleasure working with him." - Michael Goldburg Navy Yards Production


"Steve never auditioned for the role and was hired solely on the recommendation of another actor. We were very pleased with his professionalism, dedicationand thorough understanding and delivery of the character he protrayed."- Brian Nesbit Writer/Director/Creator Pivot Point


Current Updates

- Steve completed shooting an Evil Lives Here episode on Discovery ID Channel.

- Steve was honored to be "pinned" to the next to last episode on House of Cards.

- Steve is one of the Producers and is the named role in the short Waiting for Lichtenstein.

- Steve is appearing as Leonard Goldman (Soup Guy) in a sure fire short film hit called Sure-Fire by Home on the Range Productions directed by Michael Goldburg. 

 -Steve has completed acting in 2 short films as part of Actors Green Room’s 72 hr short film challenge. The first is A Year and a Day. He also has producer and script consultant credits as well. The second was Assassin Nation in which he also has a Producer credit.



Coming Up

- He is also shooting his co-lead role on the Web Series King Sun as Godfather Don Sal. Steve is assisting writing as well.

- Steve will be headed to London in July to take part in a week long on-camera scene study and physical movement workshop at Bruford College.

- Waiting for Lichtenstein will be hitting the festival trail all over this country.



Recent Updates

- Sure-Fire is winning awards at festivals all over this country.

- Steve will be honored once again to be studying with Jean Louis Rodrigue and Kristof Konrad in New York.

- Steve currently is studying with Anthony Robert Grasso for on-camera scene study.

- Steve is proud to say that he continues his training with the fantastic Amy Jo Berman in Los Angeles and Katie Kallacky Toomey in DC as well.

- Steve continues his Linklater Voice technique as taught to him by Natalie McManus






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