"Some people see things as they are and say why. I dream things that never were and say why not?" - Robert F. Kennedy

Steve’s strength, stubbornness, and survival instincts took him from his native Baltimoreto Oklahoma City University where he graduated with a BA in Theater. He had seen thebeauty and serenity of California on film and TV and was determined to be an actor. Steve had always said he chose Oklahoma City University on his way to Los Angeles. Steve has the quality of being an idealist....with sarcasm.


Cut to a few years later...after multiple theater openings/closings and a road trip out West, a trip to NYC, and continued training...Steve decided to take a break from it all.

He took a hiatus to find a family and something he never had before money. It came to be that Steve got married had a great kid, made money at Warner Bros. and lived....not so happily after. Some years passed and Steve and his family moved back to Washington DC. A funny thing happened along the way of being a husband and coaching little league and youth football...life wasn't so swell and something was missing.

For the next several years he showed his range and abilities on Washington area stages appearing in comedies like Sly Fox, Driving Miss Daisy, The Marriage of Bette and Boo, Importance of Being Earnest and dramas including The Diary of Anne Frank as Otto, Hatful of Rain, BUG, and Best Man. He also took a very large risk in making his first solo musical appearance in Street Scene. Steve only found out later that this mini-operatic was hard even for experienced music people but once again Steve took that fear and kept going. The show and Steve proved to be a success. People still comment on his turn in that show. During this time Steve also appeared as a lead in several award winning Baltimore Playwrights Festival world premiere plays. Also,during this time Steve found his way to the film world once again; appearing in various commercials, industrials and independent films.

Steve’s recent credits include a starring role in a one man play called Grace Goes to Sea performed in New York, an ensemble role as Uncle and John Jacob O’Reilly at The Source Theaters Playwrights Festival in Washington DC, a recurring guest starring role in the web series, "Pivot Point,". His turn as Don of Dons Don Sal, in the webisode "King Sal", the role of Moderator in "Infinite.", and just completed turns in the webisode "Lights, Camera, Objection!" and Michael Goldburg and Dave Chans coming short "Sure-Fire".


Most recently Steve has been studying with Jean Louis Rodrigue and Kristof Konrad in New York, and Deena Levy in New York. His growth is in a constant forward motion.

Life has just begun in so many ways and in his sensitive, caring, loving, sarcastic, negative, positive, charming way Steve looks forward to every second of the adventure, risks and challenges ahead. To see how the rest of this story turns out well... you just have to stay tuned.



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